Almost there…and some coffee jelly (そろそろ終わる。。。なにか始める、とコーヒージェリー)

Beginning of this blog

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My thesis defense to obtain my PhD finished last week. It felt surreal. The heavy load on my shoulders lifted, the bothering ghost behind me gone. And so with that done I will start a new phase of my life…blogging.

I’ve had several blogs before but never really pushed through with them. I did a food-related blog way way back when I was trying to pursue a hobby in food photography. I had several posts but didn’t really pursue (probably because of the sh*tty blogname I conjured up when my Japanese skill was still at its very basic. LOL).

I often post on Instagram food shops, restaurants, and random items that I find worth sharing but because of certain privacy issues I didn’t really open it for public following. Friends ask me for recommendations on where to eat and what to eat. I believe its high time I share my finds with the rest of the world.

And so it begins. Food and Randomness will be a blog mostly about food but sometimes about traveling, and sometimes about life. Hopefully, people who visit this blog will find inspiration in exploring different tastes, environments, ideas and whatever life brings.

Cheers to life and wish me luck until I finally get my PhD degree in Agriculture from Kyoto University (dont let the title mislead you. I specialize in exercise-training molecular adaptations and metabolism).

In this picture is a coffee jelly parfait served at a cafe within the compound of the Kyoto Interactive Art School (京都インターアクト美術学校). Congratulatory afternoon snack if you will since I’ve finished with one of the final requirements. Thank you to the lab secretary and the Asst. Prof. for the treat and chat about future careers.

The coffee jelly tops some white condensed milk jelly which tops some granola and raspberry compote/sauce. You can have it with a marshmallow topping but i opted not to as I just had lunch and actually some coffee c/o my Aeropress.

Price: 650 yen if I remember correctly. I didn’t pay so there…

Location: コーヒー焙煎所旅の音(coffee roasting place, sound of travel), opens daily except mondays 10am to 7pm. Access is by bus 3 going to kamihatecho (上終町行き、京都市バス3系統)

The place was laid-back with interiors of warm lighting and wood furnitures. I didnt try the specialty coffees but apparently those were sourced from different locations around the world and roasted in-house. The customers can smell the beans before ordering coffee. I got a small bite from the tart (behind) the coffee jelly and it was surprisingly good. The shop serves seasonal menu which is something to visit once in a while. This season, they are serving purple yam tart with some grapefruit. For Filipinos, this is definitely Hopia Ube!