Buttery carbohydrates and air (クロワッサンはまり)

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My health consciousness always stopped me from getting croissants. You know. Croissant which translates in English to delicious fat and carbohydrates. I’m joking but the butter and starch in these puff pastries do not.

Recently, I have this thing with these babies. Their delicate flakiness that tells you to handle them with love. Their gloss that teases you into staring at them before giving them your first kiss. Their buttery aroma that fills your oral cavity and then delivers that ecstatic punch of butter goodness to the nasal cavity and then the signals of orgasm that hits your brain. Ughhh. Of course not all bakeries deliver the same sensual sensation. And thats why I’m here. I will help you find the best croissant place in Kyoto and who knows, the rest of the world maybe?

First and at the top of my list is Shinshindo Bakery(進々堂) in Kyoto (www.shinshindo.jp/eng). It is a chain bakery store that serves really good lunches in some branches (different post in the future). What I love about them is that they make croissants and pain au raisin (raisin bread of addictive deliciousness) consistently at all branches I’ve tried. Let me warn you again, they are addicting! I try to limit eating croissants lately because who knows how evil they can be to one’s health. lol

Price: croissant is about 180 yen/piece while the pain au raisin is about 210 yen/piece. The branch in Teramachi runs out of these really fast. The Sanjo branch bakes them whole day long. (Yes, obviously I go to some branches at random times of the day. T.T)

Location: check the website for a branch near you(www.shinshindo.jp/eng). Sanjo branch is available below. For those interested in dining in, just purchase a beverage. Hot coffee is refillable (pro-tip for caffeine addicts).

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