Honey and heat (美味しいはちみつナアン)

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Indian food rarely comes to mind when I have to decide where to eat. It’s not that I dislike Indian food. It’s probably because in Japan, Indian food is basically Indian curry and Naan, and based on some of my previous experiences, the curries I’ve had were lackluster and not memorable. Another thing is that I am really intolerant when it comes to spicy food, even mildly spiced ones.

The other day, me and my friends were to eat out for dinner and it was my turn to decide where. The original plan was to go to a Korean restaurant (for another post) but since it was a Monday, I didnt reserve thinking that the place would be relatively empty. I was wrong. As I had to choose another place again, I suddenly remembered (craved actually) honey naan which I had a long time ago with the same group and a friend who already went back to Belgium. In short, we went to Maja.

Maja is run by Indian staffs and chefs who could speak English and Japanese which was helpful when we were explaining some of our spiciness preferences. There was a lot to choose from the menu; basically different types of curries and naans. All of us chose the 満腹セット which literally translates to “full tummy set.” Yes, the volume of food could be overwhelming: a big circle of naan, a bowl of curry, a piece of tandoori chicken, a small bowl of salad and a small bowl of rice. And I ate everything. LOL

I chose the keema curry because I was craving for some butter curry. Whether or not they are the same, I didnt really find out but the curry was delicious. We were asked the spiciness level and we said slightly spicy in the non-Japanese context. LOL. We asked for it and we got it. It was spicy! The first few spoonfuls got me sneezing, coughing and reaching for tissues and water. Weak. The spicyness was at a certain level that would make you want to gobble up some things, anything, hoping to wipe the tongue of the burn. And I was thankful I got the honey naan. The sweet drizzled honey literally made my tastebuds forget that they were burning. In short, the harmony of the fragrant and sweet honey, pillowy naan, and spicy and tomatoey curry was awesome. The rice was fennel-spiced which also provided relief from the heat although I ate it with the tandoori chicken because Filipinos eat meat with rice (most of the time). The latter was pretty moist and well seasoned (meaning salted) unlike in some places (dry, rubbery and sad).

Price: 990 yen for the whole set. You can choose from about 10? types of curries and 6 types of naans. For some curries, an additional fee will have to be added.

Location: It is along Imadegawa St. near Kita-Shirakawa street. It is accessible by Bus 17 or 203 and the bus stop is Kita-Shirakawa (京都市バス17または203系統、北白川バス停).

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