Wonderful lunch set (知るべきお弁当)

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A good lunch need not be fancy (I meant expensive) as this lunch set was fancy by its own standards yet within the budget a student could afford. Kyoto University has cafeterias but let’s be honest and say that the food there is acceptable and not delicious (Really, it isn’t. It is healthy though!). I rarely dine there except when I’m invited by friends for a quick meal or the more important emotional nourishment (because being a foreigner in Japan is difficult and a PhD foreign student more difficult). So if I don’t go home to eat, I get something around the campus by which I mean I get THIS インド料理の弁当 Indian lunch set.

Just outside the campus gate of the north campus of Kyoto University is a stall that pops-up during lunch break and sells indian lunch sets. The sets come with spiced rice, chicken and some vegetables or curry or both.  I got my companion cheese-filled chicken cutlets and a bowl of curry while I got myself some tandoori chicken with scrambled egg and spiced potatoes.

The cheese-filled chicken were like treasure troves waiting to be opened. I guess anything filled with creamy cheese (maybe this is processed cheese) becomes delicious. The curry that went with it was coconut based. Perfect sweetness from the coconut plus some heat that will surprise you (look-for-water surprise!). LOL. The tandoori chicken was pleasantly spicy and fragrant. Both sets went well with the fried turmeric rice that quite frankly was pretty oily; oil is delicious. LOL. The spiced potatoes were so delicious. Slightly of curry but the flavor of the potatoes were outstanding. My companion loved the eggs but I found them normal. LOL. A small packet of white chocolate sandwiched langue de chats toned down the burn while we were contemplating whether these sweets were imitations of the popular Hokkaido souvenir cookies 白い恋人 literally translated to “white lover”. LOL. Satisfying yet guilt-inducing (once you see the oil left behind from the rice).

Indian lunch set インド料理の弁当


Price: 680 yen for a set. Other sets available.

Location: Check the map below. The stall is there during lunch break. I need to go back and get more information about the restaurant that sells these lunch sets.

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