A match made in heaven (シュー生地とフルーツの恋愛)

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Lot of things happened these past weeks. I thought I could submit my thesis by the end of November. However, that could compromise my visa and I was told that I should submit by December 21st. Sigh

I went home (flew to my country) with a heavy heart being dragged down by the worries of thesis submission. Fast track, I went home for 10 days, recharged my depleted self-esteem with family time. Stayed overnight at the historical and luxurious Manila Hotel (for another post) and went back to Japan. Also, I completed all my submissions a week before the deadline which is on the 21st (3 days from now). With all that, its time to update.

This is about a bakery Les Bles D’Or I’ve been wanting to try. On my way home from a visit to the ward office, I passed by this bakery. At that time I was craving for a croissant but it was sold out. I opted for something attractive and lo and behold…pretty Danishes.

Buttery and flaky crusts cradle the custard the cushions the strawberries and wine poached pears. Tart, creamy, mildly sweet and buttery. Delicious.

Between the two, the poached pears won me. Pears being mildly flavored carried the acidity and boldness of the wine perfectly. The contrast between the fruits and the custard really highlighted both components.

Wine-poached pear danish


Strawberry danish

Price: 220 yen each. Look at those Danishes on their site. Mouthwatering.

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