Not in the mood for a burger (天丼にしようか)

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Choosing where to eat can sometimes be very difficult. Well, its actually most of the time. I tend to ask for the preference of the people I’m with.

When in the downtown area of Kyoto, the task becomes more difficult as there are really amazing restaurants to visit. Most of them (I believe) I’ve had experienced eating at and a lot still have to be visited.

That particular day, we were torn between Wendy’s, soba, or tonkatsu. Wendy’s is a very difficult choice to avoid because ?Uhmmm burgers? but that particular day, I wanted something really heavy. Something calorie-loaded. Something like “tendon” 天丼 or tempura bowl from Komefuku 米福.

I’ve eaten here countless times and this is one of my comfort food places. At night, this caters to the drinking and willing-to-spend crowd but at lunch, it serves really delicious lunch sets of tempura or sashimi. As it specializes in sashimi, i bet the sashimi here are fresh and super tasty. But being budget-restricted, sashimi would be for more special days or if I have that yellowfin or salmon craving.

The tempura bowl is huge as could be observed in the picture. Heaps of rice is topped with batter-coated and fried-to-perfection shrimps, eggplant, soft-boiled egg (yolk-porn), etc. and drizzled with sweet, salty and savory sauce of the tempura maiden. One word, delicious!


天丼 tempura bowl

Price: 880yen if I’m not mistaken. Another bowl comes with a huge huge huge shrimp and thats 1280 yen. Worth it!

Location: Literally beside Daimaru if turning left from Shijo (facing west). Check the map!

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