The cruelty of the name (親子丼って悲惨)

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I love dishes with chicken and egg. They fill me up with my much needed to protein and the texture of cooked but still runny egg is like cream and cheese sans the guilt and cloy. So it’s love at first bite when I had my first oyakodon 親子丼 in Japan yeaaaars ago. 

The etymology of oyakodon is interesting, weird, and frankly gruesome; 親parent, 子child, 丼bowl. The three kanjis that make up this word literally translates to parent-child bowl and then you eat it. It is like animal massacre of a sort but I am a carnivore and this is part of being one I guess. (No offense meant to animal rights group and vegetarians.)

Oyakodon is egg and chicken stewed on a broth made primarily of soysauce, sweet rice wine みりん, and depending on the recipe bonito extract だし. While it is rare to encounter awfully tasting ones, it is a pleasure to find a perfect bowl (ok, close to perfect). And that is what me and my partner discovered in a place that we always go to for our chicken (boiled chicken 水炊き for another post) fix, Hanamidori 華味鳥 along the downtown street of Shijo, Kyoto.

The chicken-egg-broth combination is laid on a bed of hot white rice which also absorbs the broth like a sponge. The balance of the meatiness of the chicken, creamy egg, salt-sweet-savory broth and the spike of herby aroma from the 三つ葉 leaves was like a musical performance in my mouth; hints of this and that and the culmination of flavors with chewing. Delicious. Personally, I would appreciate more rice because it was so good (I literally had to stop myself from getting another order).

Also worth mentioning is that egg custard in the top-right of the picture. That egg custard alone is worth visiting this place for! LOL. 

Price: 880 yen for the whole set that comes with miso soup, pickles, fish roe-greens side, vinegared seaweed side, and egg custard. The set meals for lunch are affordable. Dinner course menu is expensive and i have yet to try them! 

Location: at the basement of a building just accross Daimaru. Check the map!

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