A heavy bowl of guilt and satisfaction (このラーメンは満足と罪悪感)

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Japan is a country of point cards. I’m not as good on these point system unlike a friend but I use a few. One of the main ones I use is a ramen card. Yes, some ramen shops even have these point card system for avid diners…such as myself. 

One saturday’s super heavy lunch was free thanks to this local ramen chain’s point card system. The system goes like this. A bowl of ramen ラーメン or mazesoba まぜそば (soupless noodles with different condiments and ingredients; an emerging boom in Japan) regardless of the size earns the diner a stamp. For every 10 stamps, a bowl of ramen or mazesoba can be claimed regardless of the size (additional toppings require additional fee). Maxing a card with 20 stamps gives the cardholder a chance to earn another free bowl of noodles or weirdly enough a T-shirt or a mug. I guess fanaticism goes a little over the edge? But this location is not flocked by regular diners for the stamps. Their ramen is legit as legit can be, or in one word legitAF. lol. This ramen place is Kirameki no tori キラメキノトリ.

About the ramen 鳥と煮干のWスープ, the base broth is chicken bones based. However, there is an option to have a combination of chicken and niboshi 煮干 or dried fish. The combination of the meatiness of the chicken and the savory umami and that distinct pleasant fishy flavor and some toasty aroma by the niboshi is outstanding. As this bowl was free, I decided to go a little further by adding a set of add-ons (3 slices of meat, soft-boiled egg and 3 sheets of nori seaweed sheets). While I dont normally order a large bowl for the reason that I am a small person with a small stomach, the “free”-ness of this bowl had to be maximized. Promise, I’m not a glutton. LOL

This bowl of ramen is superior to the other sister stores IMHO. The difference is that this one offers the combination chicken-fish broth while the others dont and that difference elevates this branch to the top of my list (let’s not talk about tsukemen because that is altogether another ranking. lol). It’s this combination that is very common to tsukemen broth made me fall in love. Empty (large) bowl. I wanted more. LOL. And frankly speaking, the toppings are not necessary here AT ALL. 
Price: Free ramen (750-850 yen) plus 350 yen for the toppings. Check the menu here for other offerings. 

Location: near the intersection of Marutamachi and Kawaramachi. Check the map below.

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