Chickens on sticks (美味しい焼き鳥-つくね)

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Sometimes (or most of the time) romantic relationships don’t go as one hopes it should. Fate plays everybody on the palm of her hands and sometimes, you just have to go under her knife until you learn, be marked, and go out stronger than before.


As much as this post is about food, the place had a very special association with romance, heartbreak, letting go and moving on.


It was a place I was brought by a past love for my birthday. A place where we had dinner after a stormy long distance relationship. And it was a place where we finally came into terms and closed the door behind. While the association of this place was strong in my emotional journey, food here was something that can deluge whatever emotions you’re having like a tidal wave to sweep you into an ecstatic gastronomical trance.


I introduce Sumiyaki 燈 (Akari). それでは写真ですみやき燈を紹介する。

My 2nd favorite here after the tsukune is the liver. Plainly salted. Eaten with Japanese mustard. The sweetest livers I’ve eaten! いつも頼んでる肝。甘い!からしと絶妙な相性!
Leeks and some breasts. 胸と青ネギ?
これもうまい!胸肉と梅紫蘇!Breasts with japanese pickled plums and Shiso leaf. The flavors complement well!
空腹であればカツオのおにぎりはいかが?rice ball with tuna shavings to fill you up.
My favorite. Something to be ordered here. Amazing. Just amazing. I could go here just for this! 美味しいすぎるつくね。塩漬けた卵黄と食べると最高!僕はこれだけ頼んでも大満足!
ビールによく合うでしょう!goes well with beer!
Livers with sauce. gives an umami sweet punch! 甘塩辛いタレと肝の違う面が味わえる。
Hearts and zucchini. 心臓とズッキーニ。
bell peppers and thigh? ピーマンと鳥肉。
Shiso and raw meat tartare. Yes, Japan is one of the places you can eat raw chicken (only at specialized restaurants such as this as they use a unique way of evisceration that prevents the rupture of contaminating intestines). Believe me, raw chicken meat is amazing in flavor! 鶏肉と紫蘇タルタル。
I love chicken livers!
Rice to fill you up. Grilled chicken and onions with sweet and salty sauce on a rice bowl. Very delicious! 焼鳥丼。お腹を満たすでしょう!
Homemade sangria. 自家製サングリア
one order isnt enough. 何回も頼みたくなるよ〜
Rare chicken meat with wasabi. I loved this! レア焼きささみとわさび。
Tsukune and onigiri on the grill. 焼き中。
Duck and zucchini. For a gamey profile. 合いがもとズッキーニ


I love these mills. Looked fancy!

Priceお値段: Each stick ranges from 120-360yen depending on the type. Check the menu here. Quite pricey but a good place for those special occasions. 一人だいたい3−4千円。品書はこちら

Disclaimer: All photos were taken by me from 3 separate occasions. This is NOT a sponsored post.

Location場所: Check the map below! Along Teramachi nearer to Marutamachi than Oike St.

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