The day I turned 26. 福寿園で26歳の誕生日を祝った。

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It was amidst my stressful year. Knowing that you are not going to graduate and having to pay tuition fee and having no source of funds weighed me down. Despite having to save money and literally live within a very limited budget, birthdays have to be celebrated.


Last year in August, me and my partner decided to go to a place we just pass by because it’s a little above our capacity for luxury. Of course we decided to go for lunch because dinners are just prohibitively expensive for french restaurants. We decided on Fukujuen.

去年8月、私とパトナーはよく通る店に行って、この場所は贅沢でもあまりに高すぎた場所だ。もちろんランチにした。ディナーは高額であり、無理!w その日福寿園に。

Fukujuen is a tea specialty institution in Kyoto. They produce tea in the tea producing regions of Uji which is also popular for the Uji powdered tea, matcha. Interestingly, aside from typical tea cafes that these tea institutions establish, Fukujuen established its own fancy restaurant that highlights tea not in Japanese cuisine but “French” cuisine (although I dont really think the dishes served were French in its sense. LOL)



Decorative plate. 1品目を待ちんがら飾り皿を見る。w
3 types of teas to accent different dishes. 料理に振り掛ける3種類のお茶。おしゃれ。味は強くないがアクセントに!
Very fresh shrimps. I’d love to have more sauce though and a better presentation. LOL プリプリ新鮮なエビ。ソースが少ない。w。違うプレゼンテーションにしてほしい。w でも美味しかったー
VERY FLAVORFUL tomato soup and goes very well with matcha. すごく美味しくて濃厚なトマトスープ。抹茶の苦味との相性が抜群。
A plate of water to wash hands with. First time to experience this and I almost drank it if I wasnt informed. LOL This butter was excellent. Too delicious we ate it on its own without bread and almost asked for seconds. 手洗い用の水。説明がなかったら飲んでしまう。w このバターは最高の極み。美味しすぎてそのまま食べて、お代わりが欲しかった。w
Lamb chops. I forgot how it tasted. LOL. I remember wanting some acid to balance the dish. Perfect doneness! ラムチョップ。味は忘れたが酸味が欲しかったのは覚えてる。w
As I said, perfect doneness. Very pink but not bloody. Very tender. レアだけど血だらけじゃない。w 柔らかい〜最高〜w
Dessert plate. Mandarin orange bavarois, lemon and white wine granita with almond brittle and matcha ice cream cake. I dont forget my desserts. LOL 3種類のデザート。全てが美味しかった。w
some petit fours and houjicha latte. The houjicha latte was elegant. Refined but concentrated…and hot. It burnt my tongue. LOL プチフォーとほうじ茶ラテ。上品、濃厚。。。熱ー!火傷した。w

We were able to get seats without reservation although it was also late in the lunch service. Despite that, the service was very attentive and polite and we didn’t feel rushed. Recommended if your budget allows! 🙂


Price: 4000+++yen for the course lunch. The menu can be found here.

I paid for the course meals. This is not a sponsored post.

Location: Check the map below. Its on the 3rd floor of the building. Each floor is designated a different shop. ビルの三階。各階は違う店になる。

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