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Sleeping back in time or the closest to it (Manila Hotel experience) マニラの歴史のかけらで眠る

日本語の翻訳を書きますがもうちょっと待ってて。w The final submissions to obtain my Ph.D. was so stressful I had to recover sanity points as I call it. I love travel. I love food. However, there’s something about being with family that keeps one sane. Don’t you agree? So this year, I went back home for a few days and stayed at

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Breakfast is carbohydrate loading (朝食はパンだ)

The following day after an exhausting trip around the west of the Kansai Region of Japan (Osaka and Hyogo prefectures), we needed some sustenance especially because the previous day was filled with gastronomic disappointments that left us wanting for redemption. When I travel, I prefer the local food scene if possible. And so the search

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