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Christmas lunch for 2 consecutive years or more? (常連になるかも、このフレンチ料理店)

Christmas is fun. While not as festive as in other countries (the Philippines for one), Christmas in Japan has recently become a commercial event, and thus festive on its own. While here, Christmas is about Christmas cakes, Santa Claus, and KFC fried chicken (or chicken dinners in general), it is still about spending time with

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Breakfast is carbohydrate loading (朝食はパンだ)

The following day after an exhausting trip around the west of the Kansai Region of Japan (Osaka and Hyogo prefectures), we needed some sustenance especially because the previous day was filled with gastronomic disappointments that left us wanting for redemption. When I travel, I prefer the local food scene if possible. And so the search

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Buttery carbohydrates and air (クロワッサンはまり)

My health consciousness always stopped me from getting croissants. You know. Croissant which translates in English to delicious fat and carbohydrates. I’m joking but the butter and starch in these puff pastries do not. Recently, I have this thing with these babies. Their delicate flakiness that tells you to handle them with love. Their gloss

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