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Truly Taiwanese (本格的を言ってないのに絶対に本格的台湾料理屋)

I’ve been to Taiwan twice and I love the country mainly its food! It’s like discovering a hidden hunger that can only be satiated by the local cuisine whenever I went. Delicious eateries abound from sidewalk stalls and hole-in-the-wall shops to full fleged restaurants. Leaving the country back to Japan always feels like I’m leaving

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There’s something about Okuda (豚カツ屋のおくだ)

In my first few years in Japan, there is a particular food that I already consider my comfort food here and its THE tonkatsu 豚カツ or pork cutlet. LOL. While it is considered a Japanese food, it is not exactly a type of 和食 or Japanese cuisine but more of a western type 洋食 fusion thing.

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