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Truly Taiwanese (本格的を言ってないのに絶対に本格的台湾料理屋)

I’ve been to Taiwan twice and I love the country mainly its food! It’s like discovering a hidden hunger that can only be satiated by the local cuisine whenever I went. Delicious eateries abound from sidewalk stalls and hole-in-the-wall shops to full fleged restaurants. Leaving the country back to Japan always feels like I’m leaving

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Honey and heat (美味しいはちみつナアン)

Indian food rarely comes to mind when I have to decide where to eat. It’s not that I dislike Indian food. It’s probably because in Japan, Indian food is basically Indian curry and Naan, and based on some of my previous experiences, the curries I’ve had were lackluster and not memorable. Another thing is that

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A bowl of spices (隠れたカレーの穴場)

Takashimaya Department Store in the downtown of Kyoto is a haven for food lovers. The basement is full of good finds from Japanese confectioneries to hard-to-find baking supplies. It is my place to go when I need ingredients or inspiration for a recipe. Walking along the corridor, you will find an oddly located restaurant. There

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