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The day I turned 26. 福寿園で26歳の誕生日を祝った。

It was amidst my stressful year. Knowing that you are not going to graduate and having to pay tuition fee and having no source of funds weighed me down. Despite having to save money and literally live within a very limited budget, birthdays have to be celebrated. 去年は大変心に重かった。卒業できなく、授業料をどのように払えるか、などという苦痛があった。そう言っても、節約しながら、誕生日はありがたい日であってお祝いすべきだ。 Last year in August, me and my

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Not in the mood for a burger (天丼にしようか)

Choosing where to eat can sometimes be very difficult. Well, its actually most of the time. I tend to ask for the preference of the people I’m with. When in the downtown area of Kyoto, the task becomes more difficult as there are really amazing restaurants to visit. Most of them (I believe) I’ve had

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